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The enterprise has all the necessary production facilities to execute the following works:

1. Optic production.

1.1. Production of lens:

- sphericals (convex and concave) with the diameter 80-320 mm;
- asphericals (convex lens without bend points) with the diameter 15-100 mm.
1.2. Cutting of plates, bars, cylindrical parts from quartz, glass, semiconducting and other materials with the dimensions limits up to 230*160*65 mm.
1.3. Rounding of square optical blanks with the length up to 200 mm with the diameter of the processed blanks from 6 to 80 mm.
1.4. Plating of products from glass, ceramics and other materials with optical and decorative coatings in vacuum.
1.5. Calculation of adjusters for getting uniform optical coatings, applied in vacuum.
1.6. Ultrasound sluicing of both optical and other parts and units, made from other materials.
1.7. Electronic – plasma polishing of parts from the stainless steel with the dimensions up to 170*180*140 mm.
1.8. Production of mouth (stomatological) mirrors.
1.9. Refurbishing of car headlight’s and streetlight’s reflectors.

2. Machine-assembly production.

2.1. Blanking operations: cutting with mechanical saws and cutting with guillotine-shears, abrasive cutting, plasma cutting, gas cutting.
2.2. Mechanoprocessing: turning, milling, polishing, boring, drilling, bending, turning and boring.
2.3. Assembling: integration, assembling of knots.
2.4. Painting: filling, deseaming, painting.