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Dear partners!

We are pleased to welcome you to the web site of Open Join Stock Company "Optical Machine-Tool building and vacuum plants "(JSC "OS and VT"), now managed by the Valeyskiy Dmitriy.

The enterprise was founded in 23-rd of July, 1971 as a part of the Optics State Research and Production Association (Moscow, Russian Federation) and was the main developer of special technological equipment for optical mechanical enterprises. A mass production was organized on Smorgon Optical Machine-Tools.

As a result more than 16,000 units of optical machines were manufactured. Thousand units of vacuum technology and dozens of systems of automated equipment for washing workpiece optical elements of various shapes, sizes and accuracy were manufactured too. We received 145 copyright certificates on the scientific and technological enterprise developments, published 430 articles in scientific and technical journals and received dozens of diplomas VDNH USSR and international exhibitions. Thus it was possible to re-equip all the enterprises of the military-industrial complex and related industries with a view of ensuring the mobilization capacity.

However, in connection with a broken economical situation called by decay of the USSR and as a result of conversion of firms of a defense-industrial complex, the requirements of the customers for our customers for our equipment notably has decreased. In such conditions by the most respective directions of our activity of steel mining and manufacturing of the equipment for firms of a food-processing industry; which is letting out liquor-spirituous commodity, beer, soft drinks, starch; for light industry; for processing of commodity of an agriculture and for a workmanship of skins of a fur animal.

At the same time Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Scientific-Production Association" Optics", now JSC" NPO "Optics" (Moscow, Russian Federation), the Scientific Production Republican Unitary Enterprise "Optical Machine-Tool and Vacuum Technology", now JSC "OS and VT" (Minsk, Belarus) and the production association "Smorgon optical Machine-Tools", now JSC "SZOS" (Smorgon, Belarus) are working on the creation of optical equipment in the framework of scientific and technical programs of the Union State, namely "Development of advanced technology" double "of application and range of modern optical equipment controlled shaping" and "Creation of computer technology, software and readjusted equipment, new materials and tools for processing optical details from micro to astro optics of traditional and non-traditional optical materials. "

As a result, a certain scientific and technical products has been established, including:

- Special automated software-controlled equipment procurement operations;

- Vacuum-lapping complexes;

- Automated metrology means of optical elements and control systems;

- Special polishing tools and materials on their basis;

- Algorithms and software management process of forming optical components at the stage of finishing and control surfaces of large optical components.

The scientific, technical and innovation activities of JSC "OS and VT" is carried out in close cooperation with research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus and the Belarusian higher educational institutions, industrial research institutes, leading optical enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and Russia.

In 2014 JSC "OS and VT" has received a certificate of accreditation as a scientific organization.

JSC "OS and VT" is a member of the international Academy "Kontenant", which unites the leading enterprises of the optical-mechanical industry in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, unites industry research institutions and scientists academic and higher education institutions.