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Dmitriy Valeskiy

Director .
tel. (+375 17) 267 03 73 (reception)

Sergey Krasovskiy

First Deputy Director – Chief Engineer.
tel. (+375 17) 267 31 80

Agreement on different forms of scientific, technical and production cooperation, conditions of contracts and agreements.

Alexander Doroshkevich

Chief Optician – Head of Research and Development Department.
tel. (+375 17) 369 85 66

Coordination of the following issues:
- technology of production of optical parts;
- production of optical parts at the equipment, which is available at the enterprise;
- production of equipment for processing optics;
- development of new technological equipment;
- repair of technological equipment with production of separate parts and knots;
- development and production of production tolls and instruments;
- technology and equipment for ultrasound washing of optical parts and knots;
- technology and equipment of water saturation with silver ions (silvering);
- equipment for production of synthetic diamond dust.

Tamara Balykina

Head of Marketing and Information Department.
tel. (+375 17) 267 25 50, (+375 17) 369 88 48

Providing information on products and services of the enterprise. Participation in the exhibitions, scientific and technical seminars and congresses. Setting up and conducting meeting of customers with the leading experts of the enterprise. Collecting applications for new products and rendering services. Advertising materials.