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Polishing-finishing machine model AP-160

Intended for aspherization optical surfaces on parts with a diameter from 50 mm to 160 mm and finishing of aspheric, spherical and flat surfaces with help of miniature tool.

On the machine the principle of the automated polishing surface of the miniature optical parts with help little polishing pad is implemented.

Technical characteristics

Equipment for processing of aspherical surfaces

Grinding machine model Asferoid 100M


The Grinding Machine-Tool is designed for grinding convex aspherical surfaces of optical condenser parts by diamond tool without inflection points.

Technical characteristics

Workpiece diameter, mm from 30 to 100
Surface slope, deg., up to 70
Asphericity of the surface to be machined, µm ± 4
Installed power of electric motors, kW 3,91
Overall dimensions L x W x H, mm 2200 x 1300 x 1500
Weight, kg 2500

Grinding machine model Asferoid 100P

Asferoid 100P

The CNC controlled machine for optical details aspheric convex surface fine ending. The surface of a detail should have no critical points. The CNC equipment provides technologically optimal operation mode.

Technical characteristics

Optical detail diameter, mm from 15 to 100
Optical detail height, mm from 5 to 50
Maximal slope, degrees 70
Maximal error on arc distance of 3.3 mm of aspheric surface element, when processing the surface with maximal slope, µm 2
Throughput performance, when processing 70 mm diameter details with 0.025 mm machining stock, pcs/hour 1,5
Installed power, kW, no more 2,0
Overall dimensions L x W x H, mm, no more 1500 x 1500 x 2000
Machine weight, kg, no more 1500

The outer diameter of the optical detail, mm from 50 to 160
The height of the processed optical detail, mm, no more 60
Most point of bending of spherical surface, mm 50
Exactness of form of the processed surface optical detail on a parameter of standard deviation on all light zone, at λ=0,63 µm, no less λ/80
Speed rotation of spindle product, sec-1 (turns/minute) from 1,6x10-2 to 0,25 (from 1 to 15)
Speed rotation of spindle instrument, sec-1 (turns/minute) from 1,6x10-2 to 8 (from 1 to 500)
Amplitude of oscillations, mm from 0 to 15
Pressing force of instrument, N from 0,196 to 24,4
Total power of the set engines, kW, no more 3,5
Overall dimensions with electrical cabinet L x W x H, mm, no more 1950 x 1600 x 1800
Weight of electrical cabinet, kg, no more 180

Program of control machine recorded in the industrial computer in control panel.

Polishing machine model P-600


Intended for treatment of precision flat, spherical and aspheric on details a diameter from 100 to 600 mm.

A management by work of machine-tool comes true on control program, writtenin in numerical control unit of management panel, and envisages functioning in the automatic mode.

A machine-tool provides the reliable fastening of optical details in the special equipment.

Technical characteristics

Diameter of the machined optical parts, mm from 100 to 600
The maximum thickness of the processed optical details, mm from 20 to 100
The form tolerance of the working surface according to the root-mean-square deviation, at least λ/80 (at λ=0,632 µm)
Roughness of working surface Rz, µm 0,005
The clearness of a working surface, Р from 0 to 10
The greatest weight of a tooling with the workpiece fixed on it, kg, no more 200
Steepness of a concave aspherical surface, degree, no more 25
Steepness of a convex aspherical surface, degree, no more 25
Requirements for the optical surface of the optical part before its processing on the machine:
- roughness Rz, µm 0,5
- surface roughness Р, no more III